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5 types of Digital Content to Create to Grow your Business Visibility

If you are a growing business, getting your name out there is probably the biggest thing on your mind. You want people to know that your business exists, what you offer and that you are open for new clients or customers. So what's one of the first things you might consider doing? Jumping on social media!

There's no denying the importance of social media for your business.

Growing a successful business without social media would be quite the challenge these days. Four out of every five people use social media to find and research new brands to patron. And with almost 5 BILLION users across social media platforms, that's a lot of eyes that you can be missing out on if you choose not to participate.

However if you are a new business, or you have a small team and lots of other operational activities to prioritize, thinking about keeping up with the good ol' algorithm could be the last thing you want to tackle. So what else can you do to get more visibility to your business? Create other forms of digital content!

graphic showing 5 different types of digital content

Ok, before you think I'm creating more work for you...

Yes, its true- all content creation will take time and effort, some more than others. However creating a growth strategy that includes multiple avenues for people to find, connect, and hopefully work with you may be worth the additional time investment.

Also, not every option on this list may be right for your business AND this is not an exhaustive list, so you may consider options that are not here. So with that in mind...

Start a podcast!

There's no way podcasting would not be on my list. As the proud creator and host of Coffee and a Notepad Podcast, it has been an amazing tool to growing my network, creating a community of like minded business individuals, and introducing myself and my business services to a wider audience. The beauty of podcasting is you can talk about whatever you want! Invite guests, give tips, share history. Allow people to hear your passion about your work and become connected with your business brand as they drive to work, get in a workout, or clean their homes.

Send Email Newsletters

Despite most of your email box being full or junk, email is still a great way to connect with and grow your audience. Also, sending information directly to your audience via email means they won't miss out on valuable information that could have gotten lost in the social media shuffle. So what should you put in your newsletter? Share about upcoming sales or events, give tips and advice, share exciting news about the business, and never forget your call to action!

Share templates

You have probably created tons of template documents, forms, processes, etc for your business. Why not share a few? People are always looking for new ways to be more efficient or to simplify their lives. Templates also help to give an idea of your business savviness and show proof that your process works. So if you have a tool or template that you have found works wonders for you, share it with the world and tell us why!

Write a blog

Yes, people still read blogs (at least I hope so since I spent so much time writing this one!). Blogs are a great way to share authentic stories, show relatability, give useful information and to summarize compact information. So if your business is looking for ways to build community and educate an audience, this would be a helpful bit of digital content to invest time in creating.

Host Virtual Discussions

Networking is always a great way to get your business name out there. You can also meet amazing new partners in the process as well as some new friends along the way. But can be a challenge to always meet in person, and if you are looking to expand your reach beyond your local area, traveling to other states (or countries) might be cost prohibitive. So consider hosting virtual networking events, like my Virtual Coffee Chats. This allows for you to engage with others regardless or location and even time zones. They are a more affordable option then worldwide travel. And you don't even have to wear pants!

One more thing

If you are putting in the effort to create all this new and wonderful content, PUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! They are each adaptable to different platforms, allowing you to get quite the bang for your buck.

Now, if you are looking for the right mix of what to post, where to post, and what digital marketing strategy would work best for my business, I'd be happy to help with that. Schedule a quick chat and let's get those billions of eyes on your amazing brand!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kijaffa Z. Hall

Founder & CEO

K.Z. Hall Consulting

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