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How to Become a Successful Multi Passionate Professional

Multi passionate professionals can get a bad reputation. Some people may find you to be flighty – unable to “stick with things” because sometimes you get excited about and dive into new ideas before finishing with old ones.  Others may find you to be unfocused because you love doing many things and refuse to be just a doctor or a lawyer or -insert any one profession here.

Now, there is something to be said about being excited by new business ventures and ideas so easily. But that does not make you unprofessional and it doesn't mean you can’t successfully launch and grow a business! And as a multi passionate person myself, whose love for learning and trying new things has led her to some very unexpected opportunities, I can say that it is possible. So here are my top tips for finding success as a multi passionate professional:

Accept who you are.

We spend a lot of time comparing ourselves to other people. Whether it's on social media or even others in our friend circle. We tend to use other people as a measuring stick for how well we are doing this thing called life. But you must remember you are unique. The things you do, the way you do them, and the joy it brings you are all what make you amazing. Believe it or not, there are more people looking at you wishing to be like you than there are judging you for your eclectic interests. So instead of trying to fit in and look like everyone else, embrace standing out! Enjoy knowing there are many things that you find happiness in and that being multi passionate allows you to experience life more freely.

Find a common thread.

If you step back for a moment and think about the things that you enjoy, you will find that a common thread exists. I have a client who is looking to marry all her many ventures under one brand. Through one of our clarity sessions, we discovered that her crafting, philanthropy, speaking engagements, and coaching all center storytelling. She loves hearing the experiences of community members, engaging with how these oral histories add to the culture of the group, and then using that knowledge to help the community in some way. Understanding this connection between all her passions makes it easier to not only rebrand but also understand that her passions aren’t as random as they seem to be. The same may be true for you.

Every passion does not need to equal payment.

Just because you love something does not mean you have to make money off of it. Hustle culture and capitalism has made us think that if we are really good at something we MUST  find a way to sell it, but you don’t. You can engage with things you enjoy simply for pleasure. This takes the stress off figuring out how to fit it into your business, because ultimately, it’s not meant to be a part of it.

Ground yourself in one thing.

Grounding yourself is different from giving up all your passions. However, as a business owner, it does mean getting focus and clarity on what you want to be known for. This clarity helps you to create a plan and goals for your business that you can clearly communicate to your potential customers, clients, or partners. You may find- like I did- there are ways to incorporate some of your other passions into your business model, which can bring you even more joy through your work. It may also open the door to new opportunities that you did not expect because now there is a more natural way to engage with your passions that does not cloud your business goals or confuse your audience.

Love the things you love and keep finding new things and ideas that bring you joy. Remember that the key to success to clarity not singularity, and no one can make all the things work together better than you!

If you are struggling with making your many passions work together for your business, schedule a Clarity Session today!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kijaffa Z. Hall

Founder & CEO

K.Z. Hall Consulting


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