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Virtual Coffee Chat- May 15, 2024 6PM EST

Exploring Social Impact as a Business Model

Join the conversation, share your thoughts, and learn more about how to grow your income and give back. 

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Moving from vision to strategy together!

I am excited to work with visionary leaders and organizations to bring their ideas for genuine social impact to life!

I’m Kijaffa, the vanguard for visionaries.

Kijaffa Z. Hall 

CEO & Founder 

I LOVE big ideas!  The bigger, the better. What I love even more, is seeing those big ideas come to life. Throughout my career, I was most happiest when I worked with people to bring an idea into existence- giving it shape, creating pathways through roadblocks, and watching what was once just a thought become something real. That is why I cannot wait to work with you to move your big ideas from vision to action, with intention and clarity.   

One of my favorite quotes is “a dream is a wish your heart makes”. It's exciting to see in your mind visions of what could be. But I also understand that while picturing your heart's desires can beautiful and inspiring, the weightiness of addressing the question of "how" can become a nightmare, halting a dreamer before they even get started. And what good is a dream that never comes true?

This is where I step in. Through ideation & strategy activities, guided inquiry, and prioritization exercises, I curate opportunities to help you bring clarity to your impactful ideas, break the process of execution into manageable pieces, and create a plan of action that keeps you inspired! So if you're ready to turn your dream for a better society into reality...

Where Vision Meets Precision

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Customized and interactive, your team will collaborate to move ideas from concept to plan, exploring innovative thinking, ideation, and strategic frameworks. Workshops are designed to include engaging activities, guided discussions, and hands-on exercises to meet the unique needs of your team as they refine their visionary ideas and develop actionable plans.

Clarity Sessions

These one on one sessions are tailored to allow you to bring their impactful ideas into focus. Through guided exercises, discussion, and creative thinking, these sessions are structured to help you, as a visionary, refine your ideas, establish priorities and clarify a path for your actionable next steps.

Consultative Services

Using a collaborative approach, we will develop a strategic roadmap for your team to ideate, design, plan and execute your impactful ideas. I will provide guidance, strategic support and feedback that will empower you and your team to navigate the journey from concept, actionable planning and execution seamlessly.

Visionaries & Strategists: A Dynamic Duo

Featured Speaking Engagements. Click and Enjoy!

Turn dreams for a better society into reality!

Nonprofit teams & Organizations


Workforce & Education Programs


Social Enterprises


Visionaries looking to make an impact

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